Is there a benefit to using Facebook ads directly in Mailchimp?

As you know at Your Marketing Needs we love Facebook and Mailchimp – so what a treat it was when Mailchimp introduced their combined service! So of course we had to trial for ourselves so we could review for you.

Here’s our list of winning and losing features:

  • If you have multiple pages it works well as allows you to select the page you wish to run the ads for
  • All the billing is in one place
  • You can use Instagram ads too
  • Audience – you can use your Mailchimp lists as an audience for your ads
  • BIG bonus – you can create ‘similar audiences’ so if you have your customers in Mailchimp you can find more


  • You cannot track who clicked through in relation to your list – that would have been the ultimate
  • Min $5 per day – Facebook ads can run directly for less
  • Can only use single image ads
  • Cannot use video
  • Cannot use lead generation tools


Advice from us
If you are considering running ads and this is a first try – we say it can do no harm. We see far too many businesses focus on the fact they’re busy and neglect marketing which can be disastrous later down the line. Using existing customer lists is always a great place to start as 80% of new business will come from existing contacts.

If in doubt follow our simple rules:

  1. Always set lifetime budget
  2. Always drill down your audience and make your budget work harder and smarter
  3. Be creative and consider AIDCA (attention, interest, desire, commitment, action) when designing your images
  4. Learn from what you have done – review, change and try again
  5. Don’t be disheartened if you don’t get immediate sales – remember brand awareness is important and maybe your next add will make them take action

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