How do I write a blog?

We have all sat there knowing we need to do something, but procrastinating about it – for many that describe blog writing!

Like most things marketing, it isn’t that you don’t have the knowledge of your products or services, its just you cant be expert at everything and that’s why there are copywriters making a living!  So, don’t beat yourself up – I always believe its better to be doing something at 90% than procrastinating waiting for that 100% and missing the boat!

OK, so this guide should hopefully help you structure your blog writing and make it slightly easier for you.

Here is my top 6 tips:

  1. Planning – this is key. Once you have selected your topic you will need to research. If you can find industry trends or facts to back up your blog it will make it more credible.
  2. Headlines are key – If you are answering your customers questions, then use the question as the headline – sure makes it easier for people to find!
  3. Writing – work out when you write best. Try headphones if you are in a busy office!  I work best on own so Friday afternoons I tend to write a bunch one after the other!
  4. Format – think about the format of the writing. See a link to our cheat sheet below for a winning format…..
  5. Add Images – use images to break up the content
  6. Proof read – get someone else to sense check!
  7. Make live & PROMOTE everywhere. Is this of interest as a press release?  Share on social media etc and push yourself as an expert.


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