Why should you outsource your marketing team?

If you’re a small to medium sized business, the chances are that you haven’t got an in-house marketing team, either due to the cost of payroll or simply because there is a bit of a marketing backlog when it comes to your branding, website and social media, let alone your products/services. But how can an outsourced marketing team help?

Saving time
An outsourced marketing team can do every aspect of marketing you could possibly need or imagine. It’s not common to come across a single employee that could handle all areas of marketing – and even if they could, would there be enough time in a day for them to do it all alone? By having an outsourced marketing team, you are paying one cost for an entire team of experts with a range of talents, skills and industry knowledge.

Not to forget that employees get sick and they go on holiday, so would you really want your marketing on hold until they got back? When you have an outsourced marketing team, the team can effectively plan your marketing and keep on target – whether some of the team are on holiday or not!

Saving money
To create a semi-efficient inhouse marketing team, it’s likely that you’d need two or more employees to consistently work on marketing which can instantly be costly to a small business. But it’s not just the payroll you need to worry about, it’s the modern technology and costly software subscriptions too. An outsourced marketing team will already have all of the technology and software they need, and it’s not filtered into any of the cost you would be paying for the services they provide.

Fresh ideas
We know you’re the expert of your business, but you can’t be the expert in everything – that’s why even if businesses are active with their marketing, they’re not always sure on who they’re marketing to or what the best marketing methods are, depending on the industry, products and services.

Outsourced marketing teams have the knowledge of various sectors and more importantly – the best way to market products and services across them. Outsourced marketing teams can bring fresh ideas and marketing plans to help your business reach where you want it to be, without being afraid to push the boundaries!

Peace of mind
Having an outsourced marketing team means that you can focus on what matters most – your business. The marketing team will be able to take as much control of your marketing as you could possible want, whether it’s just a few blogs and social media updates or whether you want the full package of rebranding, printed materials, blogs, social media updates, website maintenance and more – you’ll have piece of mind knowing it’s all under control and consistently monitored.

Part of the team
It’s important to find the right marketing team, there are plenty around – but not all of them offer a personalised service. But, if you look hard enough, you will find an outsourced marketing team that will help to grow your business with you, becoming a part of your team.

If you’re looking for the perfect fit when it comes to an outsourced marketing team, contact Your Marketing Needs today on 01582 292016 to find out how we could help you achieve your business goals.