10 Ways to Increase Your LinkedIn Post Engagement

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Whilst there are various debates about the role of social media when it comes to business, there is no argument that LinkedIn provides the best business to business (B2B) opportunities. Like all social media, its promotional potential can only be unlocked by the skilful deployment of time and resources.  

So, how are your resources best spent when trying to make the most of virtual networking?

First, let’s make an important distinction between posts and articles. Articles are designed for long-form content, sharing authoritative, detailed pieces. However, they will never get the same level of attention as short, sharp posts, which are limited to 1300 characters. In this blog we are looking exclusively at posts.

Here are just 10 of the most effective ways to attract attention and drive traffic your way.

1) Content

Make your posts worth reading. Offer valuable, surprising or amusing information and keep the content varied from post to post. Sometimes it can be hard to keep coming up with original ideas. However, you can get inspiration from news items, historical facts and even the calendar. An effective tactic is to tell a story in instalments of 1300 characters per day. Who can resist a cliff-hanger?

2) Stand Out

Give your posts an eye-catching identity.  You can do this by using intriguing headlines, arresting images and rich media. The inclusion of images can almost double the rate of comments you’ll receive.

3) Brand Identity

It’s essential to give your posts consistency in appearance, and ensure it matches your website’s livery and other communication methods. A banner and logo will not only help you stand out but will reinforce your identity. It would help if you sized them correctly. The banner image should be a minimum of 646 x 220 pixels, landscape, and a logo 100 x 60, or 50 x 50 if square.

4) Timing

LinkedIn is a busy place, and posts can easily be missed, so you should time your posts to coincide with periods of the day when you can be confident your intended audience is paying attention.  For the most part this will usually be at the start and end of the working day. Subscription software enables you to create several posts and schedule them separately for release at optimum times.

5) Consider paid advertising for updates

Just as on Facebook and Google, there is the option to pay for sponsored updates. If you have a budget for it, this effectively boosts your reach and visibility beyond what the platform will deliver organically.

6) Measure Your Success

However efficient your social media operation is, you need to keep a close eye on it to get the best results. Company page analytics enable you to measure post engagement, the growth of your following, the rate of click-throughs, and other relevant metrics and trends. This helps you refine your content to deliver the best experience.

7) Display your Culture

Although LinkedIn has a reputation as a more professional platform than others, there is no need to be too formal in presenting yourself. Increasingly, company culture plays an integral part in perceptions of the value of a business, particularly in matters of diversity, inclusion, social justice and environmental responsibility. Perhaps leave those Christmas party photos in the drawer, but let followers get to know you.

8) Showcase Pages

These are extensions to your company page, which are excellent for highlighting a specific product, service or initiative. They can be followed independently of your main page to allow people to hone their interest in your company,  but can also be linked to it, adding a flexible tool to your kit. You can create up to 10 of these unique pages.

9) Share links from other social media

Social media platforms can be profitably used as a network of complementary channels. If you are active on several, it makes sense to carry links between them.

10) Give and Take

Don’t forget that other organisations and individuals are looking for followers just as hungrily as you are. Remember to follow, comment and like: you’ll find your consideration reciprocated and everyone benefits.

Outsourcing your LinkedIn posts is the ideal way to maintain momentum while leaving you free to get on with your business. Your Marketing Needs is an award-winning marketing agency that can take over the management of your activities and significantly increase your post engagement.  To find out more about our services, and discover how we can tailor a package to your needs, call us on 01582 292016 or email: info@yourmarketingneeds.co.uk

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