5 Benefits of productising

Productising your services can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors, so why should you?

New markets for your business
By productising your services and offering a good variety, this will attract new customers that are interested in multiple services at a fixed price, rather than them having to pay hourly for all the separate tasks.

Bespoke packages means happy clients
Having multiple packages is smart and it gives clients a variety to choose from that will best suit them. But if you look at their needs and your own as a business, there will be an overlap where you can provide a customised package or a swap system where the client is able to switch some services.

Productising means that your services will be consistent, each client will get the same level and efficiency in service, thus meaning profits to your company will also be a consistent flow.

It’s easier to train staff in productised services
Because the services are consistent and standardised across clients, the staff will become accustomed to the services that are on offer. Training of staff will also be standardised so they will soon know how to deal with the projects at hand.

Recurring revenue
Well managed and suitable service agreements are brilliant tools for customer relations. When these are done properly, these contracts can help create a reliable and recurring revenue stream.

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