5 Reasons to support local businesses

Choosing to use local businesses and shop in local shops, instead of franchises and chain stores has more benefits that you may initially think. Here at Your Marketing Needs, we believe using local businesses is crucial to help the local economy, network and so much more – so we thought we’d tell you our top 5 reasons to use local businesses.

  1. The local economy

Choosing local businesses will inevitably boost your local economy. Not only is the money you spend circulated back into the local economy, but studies have shown that thriving businesses help to boost local house prices – allowing your community to flourish.


  1. Local jobs

Investing in local businesses will help them to thrive, creating more jobs for the local area. It is worth noting, that local employers often provide better wages and benefits than some of the bigger franchises and chain stores – creating a healthy and happy local economy to live and work in.


  1. Product diversity

Larger franchises and chain stores provide the same products based on a national sales plan, whereas local businesses select their products and services based on the needs of their local customers – guaranteeing a refined and relevant range.


  1. Authenticity & personality

One of the best things about local businesses is that they are run by local people, not by boards and stockholders across the country. Being local, the employers will know the local area and the people that live there, providing a warm and welcoming personality that is more authentic than any popular chain or franchise.


  1. Quality of service

Local businesses are passionate about their products and services, so it’s not always about money. Knowing their products and services so well, means they are able to provide a better quality of service, with the customers best interests in mind.


Here at Your Marketing Needs, we love our local community and all of the local businesses within. We can’t enthuse enough, how important it is to use local businesses to help your local community flourish and grow, providing a place for everyone to be happy to live and work in.