A more secure and thoughtful home with Nest

Nest are a company that provide services and products that work together within the home to send alerts, save energy, warn of movement, warn of fires and more. Nest believe in creating a way for your home to take care of things for you, for example whilst your away if there is some kind of trouble or simply if you want to manage energy efficiency away from home.

Nest provide 3 main products, all of which work together to create this intelligent service that you can interact with whilst you are away from your property.

Firstly, the Nest Learning Thermostat which is unlike any other, it learns exactly how you like the temperature and creates a schedule for your home – helping you save energy along the way. Not only this, but the Nest Learning Thermostat can be controlled remotely for heating your home and the hot water whilst you’re on the go.


Secondly is The Nest Protect, a smoke and CO alarm that looks for fast and slow burning fires as well as carbon monoxide. Just like any other high end alarm you may think, but the Nest Protect can send you alerts and messages if it finds a problem or if the battery is running low. Additionally, any false alarms can be silenced by using your phone, rather than having to get the broom!

Lastly, we have the Nest Cam, an intelligent 1080p HD camera that streams directly to your phone, tablet or laptop. The Nest Cam tells you if there is any motion or sound within the home if you’re away and with night vision it can also see in the dark! Another great feature is that you are able to talk through the cam and listen to anything that’s occurring within the home.


These great devices add security to your property on a comfortable and self-manageable basis, allowing you to take control of your own home security whether you’re at home or away, just by the click of a button.