Awards – What do they actually mean to your business?

Today we are all very excited after receiving a letter from the SME Beds Awards to notify us that we have reach the finals for the Dunstable Business of the Year. Now being a marketer, I understand the value this has to our business – so over the coming weeks and months you will be seeing a lot of this news plastered over our social media, but what does it really mean personally?

Satisfaction and recognition of hard work – It’s no secret that these last 12 months have been a challenging time for many businesses for many reasons and for us, has required hard work and dedication from all the team. I am proud that we have stepped up and taken these challenges on head first, making me one happy business owner/manager with a thriving business.

Practice what we preach – This is an ethic I have spoken about in lots of blogs and newsletters alike, but one I truly believe in. We are always looking to grow and so believe in 2 main rules. 1. Look after your clients as 80% of new business will come from your existing contacts and 2. Focus and undertake marketing to drive your business forward no matter how busy you are. We actively undertake our own in house marketing campaigns which achieve amazing results – experiences and knowledge that we then share on.

Award entries are no different – You should be proud of your achievements and make sure you share them with others as good news stories help mould your business. So, if you are considering whether to complete that entry or if you have a story to share then just take that leap. I read somewhere it’s better to be out there and 90% right, than wait to be that 100% as someone else will overtake you – how many of you are currently waiting till you reach 100%?? Maybe it’s time to change?

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