Benefits of winning an award

There are many different awards that are launched throughout the year, including town, business, charity and community awards. But why is it that when asked, most businesses haven’t entered? Small and medium businesses seem to have a fear or disappointment, meaning they struggle to write an entry in case it’s not successful. Winning any kind of business award gives both short term and long term PR value alongside many other benefits, so what are they?

  1. High morale in the office

It’s no doubt that winning an award creates a buzz among employees, giving them a better sense of confidence as well as a rise in engagement and productivity knowing that their hard work is recognised.

  1. Higher customer satisfaction

With winning an award comes an increased customer awareness and recognition. Customers will feel confident in your credibility and will have more trust and loyalty to your company.

  1. Good news

Whether it’s a new selling point, a blog post, status update or a page on your website, you can generate good news stories that you’ve won an award. You can show all your clients, customers and friends that your business is having a positive impact within the community, whether it’s customer service or brilliant sales. Don’t forget to also display the award itself within the building for all to see!

  1. Networking

Throughout the entry of an award through to the awards evening, you will have a brilliant chance to network with other companies both big and small. This can increase your business name, increase contacts and even gain sales.

  1. Good PR

Free publicity will be used throughout the awards, with logos, pictures and even a write up of the awards evening, winners and highly commended. Often awards coverage will be in papers, across websites, emails and social media – so that’s a lot of eyes on you!

  1. Good recruitment if and when you need it

Winning an award could lead to good quality applicants if you are advertising vacancies within the company, not only will they be good quality but you may also have to go through more applicants due to an increase from your business name spreading!

  1. If you can do it once…

If you win an award once, you will feel more confident to enter more and spread the word of your business achievements. There are plenty of different awards available in different towns and different categories – so there’s always options!


If you’d like help with an award submission, we offer a service just for you! Simply call us on 01582 292016 to find out more about how awards can benefit your business.