From creation to launch – The Foundations Project

Since January this year we have been supporting The Foundations Project with their launch, website, branding and marketing. The Foundations Project is a centre that is designed to address the troubled family agenda by helping build the foundations for families in need – through our centres of support, therapy and education.

We have successfully had more than 40 people sign up for a ‘Troubled Families’ workshop, through a variety of emails, direct mailers and follow up calls – which together have worked perfectly in securing so many places for a range of governments officials and MP’s, to social workers, care workers and anyone that works in child care and support professions.

This has been a challenging, but enjoyable project for us to work on. It was particularly exciting to see the brand develop from the creation, through to the launch and supporting events. If you have a similar challenge for our team, contact us now on 01582 292018.