Our first good deed – and it’s a BIG one!

We are pleased to announce that we have selected our first good deed as part of our 7 good deeds in 7 months campaign, in celebration of our 7-year anniversary. We have had an overwhelming response, with many different entries submitted – that we’re still looking through!

For our first good deed, we have selected our very first entry which is to sponsor an activity at the school fete for Ashton St Peters Lower School.

We were given free reign (within reason) to sponsor an activity that would be fun for the kids and after a long discussion in the office we opted for SUMO!

Children sized sumo suits will be available at the school fete for the kids to use for FREE, plus we will be donating time to run the stand. We know the children will have great fun with these and will love this as part of the school fete – as you can see from the picture Katey is a fan!

To anyone wishing to attend the school fete it is held on Saturday 1st July, 12-4pm at Ashton St Peters Lower School. We look forward to seeing some of you there!

Do you have an idea for one of our good deeds? Send your idea over to Katey@yourmarketingneeds.co.uk, it can be anything from a cake sale, to a poster or anything you can think of – we will consider it!