How to get an article in the press

Whether you’ve relaunched the business, got a new product or service, won an award or landed a new deal, you’re going to want to shout about it… But being a small business, you perhaps didn’t realise that you needed a budget or good PR relations to get your article in the press.

But don’t fear, here’s the top tips on how to get your article in the press:

The article itself
Have you written a draft of your article or will you be looking for a copywriter to write a complete article or proof yours and refine it? It’s incredibly important that the article itself is polished and says what it needs to say, not one sentence long but certainly not pages long either. If you’ve created a draft, we’d recommend showing it to a copywriter who can proof it for typos and punctuation, as well as adding in some sophisticated language to improve the overall quality of the piece.

It all starts with research. Do you have a magazine or paper in mind, or have you got any ideas which magazines and papers show articles for the industry that you are in?

Take to Google and begin looking at some of the magazines and papers within your industry, try to locate contact details for the editors responsible and put them into a spreadsheet for your reference.

Make friends
Editorial work is challenging, not only the constant emails and pitches, but racing to piece articles together for a magazine or paper that’s due to be printed within the week is the definition of pressure. The best way to get into a magazine or paper is to get friendly with the editor, don’t just send them an email like the other hundreds of people trying to make it into the magazine, ring them up and have a chitchat. Don’t forget to ask what kind of articles they are looking for, for the next edition of the magazine or paper, this can help both them and you!

PR relationships
If you’re article ends up in the magazine or paper you were trying for, don’t just think ‘great’ and be finished with it. PR relationships need nurturing if you want a way in, keep friends with the editor and give them a call every now and then to have a catch up, and to see if there’s any input you can make that will save them time sourcing alternative articles.

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