Holiday this Summer? How about a self-propelled suitcase to save that arm strain?

So your holiday is all booked, you’re all packed and ready to go. However, there’s nothing worse than worrying about all your precious belongings and whether you’ll see them when you touch down in your holiday destination. Well worry no more – a solution has been found…

NUA Robotics, an Israeli company, have designed an intelligent suitcase that follows you on your travels – yes, follows you! Not to mention that this suitcase can be tracked via a smartphone app, provides battery backup and can tell you how much your suitcase weighs. This clever suitcase also has a built in camera sensor as well as Bluetooth pairing through the app, knowing where its owner is – allowing it to follow you, though it may slack behind as it only travels at a mere 3mph.


While the prototype is still in its testing phase, NUA hope to make a version of the suitcase available to consumers in about a year or so. CEO of NUA also suggests that this technology could be widely used for many different objects beyond suitcases, such as shopping trolleys that would be able to follow you around the shop, saving you from having to push it. It could just be the convenience you never knew you needed!