How To Build Your Own B2B Prospect List and Why

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Let’s start with, why you should build your own B2B prospect list instead of buying one.

When you are busy, buying a business-to-business (B2B) prospect list may seem a good idea to deliver results more quickly. However, realistically, it is unlikely to fully satisfy your marketing strategy and deliver the results you need.

Yes, building your own list from scratch is more time-consuming, but doing so has many significant benefits. It allows you to develop a deep understanding of what you wish to achieve, understand the essential criteria, requirements, and outcomes that you need, and then target your list appropriately to fulfil them all.

When running a recruitment campaign, especially for niche or specialist roles, having an accurately targeted B2B prospect list will significantly increase your chances of success and minimise time spent short-listing further down the line. In fact, [1] statistics show that a well-targeted prospect list will increase your chances of successful customer engagement by up to 10%.

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But what about GDPR? Yes, your list needs to be fully compliant with General Data Protection Regulations but don’t panic; this is not an impossible issue. In fact, most recruitment-related prospect lists will fall into the category of ‘Legitimate interests’. Although this is the most flexible lawful basis for processing, you must not assume it will always be the most appropriate, so we recommend checking the [2] Information Commissioner’s Office’s (ICO) checklist to be sure.

Here are our top tips as to how to build your own B2B prospect list:

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1. Build an Ideal Customer Profile (ICP). Be specific about who you are targeting and why. What skills, experiences, and competencies do you need? Are there any qualifications or core skills you cannot live without?

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2. Search LinkedIn. It is a very valuable social media marketing tool for finding job-seekers. You’ll be able to start building your prospect list using your ICP to select only those people who fit your criteria.

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3. Review previous leads and contacts. Check all the information you’ve received from previous networking events. Some of these people may fulfil your ICP criteria so add them to the list.

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4. Check previous campaign data. Especially of interest are people that have engaged with previous emails are primarily of interest as they are more likely to respond to your new campaign. Of course, don’t stray from your ICP requirements! Just because someone is good at responding to emails does not mean they are suitable for this campaign.

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5. Use Google Maps. It’s a helpful tool for searching for people and businesses in the locations you are targeting. If the distance is a crucial factor, it would be pointless to engage with people long away from your ideal search area.

Now you’ve built your mailing list, it’s time to start using it!

You may wish to begin with a blanket email explaining your campaign and what you’re looking for. If, however, the list is pretty short, you may prefer to give them a call. This gives a nice personal feel but would be very time consuming if the list was too long. [3]

The Road to Repetitive Marketing
Your Marketing Needs ‘Road to Repetitive Marketing’

Research has shown that it takes to see something seven times for the average person to act, so having multiple touchpoints is helpful. If you are active on social media, link to your campaign on there too – it might be a reminder for someone you’ve already contacted or could generate new interest. Read our article on ‘The Power of Repetitive Marketing’.

Hopefully, you’re feeling more confident about building your prospect list. However, if you still have concerns or would like some tailored expert guidance, our experienced team at Your Marketing Needs would be happy to help. Offering monthly package-based solutions and support with branding, PR, and design, meeting your needs is what we do, and we can help you target your audience and improve results.

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