Is the new Instagram logo an Insta no no?


There was quite a shock in store for Instagram users as they woke up and went on their phones to realise the iconic Instagram logo had been completely renovated, perhaps even what some would call – destroyed. Not only did designers have something to say about it, but so did the general public too, taking to Twitter and Facebook to express their outrage at this new simplistic logo.

But whether you are a designer or not, it’s easy enough to spot change – especially when it’s as drastic as this one, Instagram had dropped their retro/vintage look and have opted for a minimal/flat logo design. It’s only natural to experience a kind of resistance against the new look, it’s foreign and unfamiliar. However, amongst all the whining of people who disliked the logo, there were indeed a few who liked the new logo, saying that it brought Instagram to now and that simplicity is key. Some even thought they could to better, creating their own versions of the Instagram logo, with some capturing more visual appeal than the new Instagram logo itself.

It has been known that Instagram had been considering a rebrand since early last year, design director Ian Spalter said “Last year a group of us started digging into how we could support the evolution (of the app) while staying true to Instagram’s heritage and spirit” he continued by saying “We wanted to create a look that would represent the community’s full range of expression – past, present and future.

We’re not certain as to whether the new logo captures “The community’s full range of expression” but it has certainly had enough expressed about it!

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