Looking for Marketing Help During COVID-19?

I like you am a business owner of a boutique marketing agency who are fortunate to still be working during this pandemic. We work in all kinds of business sectors but specialise in working with committed forward thinking B2B businesses looking to grow – much like many of you. We are committed to helping all businesses at this time any way we can, so over the weekend have pulled together our Corona Marketing Survival Pack – that we want to give ALL businesses FOR FREE!

What’s in the pack?

In this pack you will find details of what we see as essentials and other marketing project ideas you could be introducing alongside to boost your marketing, PLUS resources to help you with these. As if that wasn’t enough, we have also included a spreadsheet which you can use as your Marketing HQ and it has sheets for everything you could possibly need and want during this difficult time.

So, I won’t keep you from the content any longer – but just to say our phones and emails are open to you should you wish to just talk an idea through or wanted some critiquing of your work we are happy to help any committed business.

-Katey Horne

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 Katey Horne

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