We practice what we preach with HUGE response rate

We are often asked if there is a secret marketing formula …

The answer is no, you can develop a winning formula (which we believe we have done for many clients).  But ultimately it’s all about trial and effort

At the end of 2017 Your Marketing Needs undertook our own marketing campaign.  The target was pre-defined by sector and business size.  It was a long task to prepare everything as we wanted to ensure all our data was correct before we started. Kateys always saying “the money’s in the list” and she’s right!

Getting the right data

It took us around two weeks to pull together the data and then we undertook a phone campaign to verify the data and pre-qualify the lead.  This was a long process as not all businesses are happy to share contact names, or details of their current marketing budgets.  We also utilised tools such as Hubspot our new CRM programme that provides some financial data, MINT for further details, companies house and more to research the companies we planned to target.

What next

Over the past 5 years we have refined what we believe to be our formula for success when it comes to customer opportunities, we have seen it work for many clients and so were confident to test ourselves.  We undertook the task of then attempting to move these prospects into our purchase funnel using our formula which included various touch points including direct mail and we reached well above our goal with a 20% response rate (which is fantastic!)

Converting the sale

Remember, marketing only creates opportunities for sales.  Once in your purchase funnel you must then work to convert them to customers.  And this conversion can be a long task. We spent up to two months to convert a client from response to sale – but it’s definitely worth the wait.

Have you tried marketing to acquire new opportunities?

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