Security Stats that shock!

Our security clients are often called out after a break in to install a variety of security equipment to deter burglars a second time around despite it being unlikely for a burglar to return. It can be really difficult and upsetting dealing with a burglary that has happened either in your own home or a relative’s home, so be prepared – prevention is key.
Below are two shocking statistics that perhaps put into perspective how important it is to install home security systems to protect your home and possessions if you were to ever be a victim of a burglary:
59% of burglaries occur when the victim is still present in the property.
Unfortunately, we all think that burglars strike throughout the night when no one is present in the household, but in fact the victims are in the house more often than not when a burglar breaks in.
In 72% of cases, the burglar will enter through a door.
Whilst this may seem obvious to some, there are multiple ways for burglars to break into your home including windows, the roof, removing pet flaps and more. However, when it comes to doors it’s noted that 27% of burglars will force the lock open, 15% will enter an unlocked door and a shocking 5% enter the property with a key. So we can’t stress enough than to leave your key with a trusted relative, friend or neighbour, rather than under the plant pot beside the door that we all know about!

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