Smart Trees of Dubai

Ever run out of charge half way through a night out? Well now you haven’t got to worry, if you’re ever in Dubai that is! State-of-the-art ‘Smart Trees’ are being installed throughout Dubai, offering data, connectivity and energy to people nearby. The company behind the Smart Trees is called Smart Palm, who decided that they wanted to translate the important cultural identity of the regular date palm to a modern technological Smart Tree that would provide useful services in a sustainable manner.


The Smart Trees are a towering height of 20 feet with leaves measuring 18 square meters, the trees are fully fitted with screens and security cameras to deter any possible criminal damage. The state-of-the-art trees store the scorching sun from the day and discharge this energy throughout the evening, providing Wifi and energy to those that need it. Smart Palm insist that the Smart Tree can charge your phone two and a half times faster than your regular charger although there are only 8 charging points per tree, whilst the WiFi ranges for 100 meters in any direction.
The company behind these high-tech trees are planning to install or ‘plant’ them in 103 locations around Dubai as part of a contract. What a perfect way to quickly boost your phone battery to make sure you can call a taxi at the end of the night!