Top 5 techniques for closing a sale

Closing a sale is the most crucial part of business, but before you reach the closing phase it’s important that you are helping your customer to identify their problem and demonstrating that it is your product or service that offers the solution. Of course, there is nothing that can guarantee you will be able to close the sale, but there are various techniques and phrases that can help increase your odds.

  1. “Taking all of your requirements into consideration, I think that these two products would work best for you. Would you like to go with [x] or [y]?”
    Using two alternatives give the customer an option to choose one or the other, discreetly taking “no” off the table and increasing the likelihood of hearing a yes, rather than turning both options away.
  2. “If we can find a way to deal with [problem], would you sign the contract [set timeframe]?”
    In this case, you are handling an issue as a way of closing a sale and getting the customer to commit ahead of time, depending on whether the issue is feasibly resolvable.
  3. “If we throw in [freebie], would you sign the contract today?”
    One small freebie can make all the difference, leaving the customer to feel as though you are offering an exclusive bonus that sweetens the deal and at the same time gives them more for their money.
  4. “It seems like [product] is a good fit for you. What do you think?”
    This phrase gives the customer an opportunity to think of all the positive reasons for committing to the sale. By asking for their opinion, you’ll know from their response whether you can close the sale and say “I’ll send the proposal over now!”
  5. “Why don’t you give [product/us] a try?”
    Simple yet effective, this question downplays any risks or pressure, ramping up the fact that you are confident that your product is more than worthy of a try and will fit the customers’ requirements.

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