Which Day Should I Send Marketing Emails?

Sending mass email campaigns is still relevant in the marketing society, as a non-aggressive way to follow up to any interaction you’ve had with a company. It is also a great way how to stay up to date on sales, or what the company is up to. As a marketer, the newsletter possibilities are limitless here. But when should you send the email to achieve peak performance? Data researched in 2019 may have the answer.

Sending emails

Does the perfect time exist to send them information or surveys or action items really matter? People live busy lives and knowing when to send them an email about your company should be carefully considered as it could get lost while they are busy working, or in silent mode during the weekends. Let’s take a look at the break down on days during the week. 


People are usually busy catching up on their work during this day and often prioritize work over any other emails they arrive at them. You could either be left unread or missed entirely. 

Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Most people believe that these are the perfect days to send an email and have it actioned, like being read or your links clicked on. Employees are settled into their job, have organized their time, and have already started to think about the weekend. They take more breaks on these days and prioritize a bit more “fun” into their workweek. 


On Friday’s everyone is daydreaming of their weekend, and how much sleep they can get. They are hurriedly rushing to finish their work, so they can get off without large projects looming over them on the weekends. Fridays after lunch are deemed a great time to send your newsletter out. People are often not starting any new tasks and have more time to read their inbox. 


The weekends are often tricky, as people are not usually monitoring their work emails. Cultures like France and Italy rarely check their emails and also have a “right to disconnect” law in place that allows them to unplug from work on the weekends. Counter to this, most American’s start reading their work emails on Sunday night to stay ahead and up to date on what is happening. 

Below are a few graphs to help you figure out the best time and day for your company:

So, in summary, the answer is to get to know your customers, use guides like this as a starting point, and then like with all marketing, test!

Graph source: https://www.mailerlite.com/blog/best-time-to-send-email