Why one-off campaigns don’t really work

One-off campaigns are popular with companies that want to promote a new service or product within a short time frame. The campaign itself is planned with just one key result in mind – generate interest and prospect sales. Although the success rate of one-off campaigns can differ greatly, depending on the company and audience, there are more companies that will tell you their one-off campaigns have failed. There are many reasons that one-off campaigns can fail, so take a look below to find out why.

One-off campaigns are generally an outburst message, aimed at a broad audience with less consideration, in an attempt to create some interest and prospects. Whilst some of these one-off campaigns can bring in an abundance of interest, not all of them result in sales, which can lead to the campaign being written off without given sufficient time.

Little do some businesses know, that the leads that come off of a campaign require some nurturing to be turned into a sale. This is where the importance of telemarketing comes in. But, it is sometimes expected that the one-off campaign itself, will generate the sales as if by magic, without having to put the time in to do follow up calls or nurturing the leads that have been produced. The leads will soon get cold, due to insufficient communication and it will soon be time to do another one-off campaign – consequently starting the cycle all over again.

A good marketing strategy takes preparation, communication, testing, adaptation and commitment. We’re afraid to tell you that there is NO one-off fix for your marketing.

The real winner is consistent marketing to existing and prospect clients on a regular basis, think about a newsletter, service highlight emails, telemarketing, social media updates and blogs to create that honest and trustworthy customer relationship, that will convert contacts into contracts.

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