Why You Should Be Using Web-Based Analytics

We know – business in the modern world is a lot…there is so much to factor in, no matter which industry you’re working in. Not only have you got a fantastic product or service, one you absolutely shine at, you have a passion for it that makes you stand head and shoulders above your competitors. But that’s not quite enough for your target market to know you’re great or offering something special. You also need to share it, promote it, market it, build an audience, nail your communications, get more customers, keep them happy and deliver fantastic results – all at once! 

How can you be sure that everything you’re doing is working, and that the energy you’re putting into a website, social media or marketing campaigns is actually worthwhile, and evidence that you’re reaching more people (and the right people?!)

Web-based analytics are a huge part of how; most of these online tools are free (yes, really!) and they can give you such an enormous amount of information, supporting evidence, advice and data which you can use to shape your next decision, and build on what you’ve already established. 

The first thing we recommend to anyone asking our advice on marketing or business is to implement a web-based analytics service – and to then use that analysis to shape and design your next action. Google Analytics is the best known – and it can be overwhelming when you first log in and see all the tables, charts and numbers – but they have a wealth of information in their Google Analytics Academy, which is also completely free to access, and can help you learn how to access and understand all the information you’re seeing.

You can see how many people visit your website, which pages held their interest, how many immediately left your site, what key words and sources brought the traffic, track the user journey from page to page, see which products or services are getting the most interest and what kind of audience is looking. You can dig deeper into all of this information and build a good picture of your audience – and whether that matches with the kind of customer you want to attract and who will buy from you.

Of course, all of this takes time – and requires some understanding of what to do with all of this data – and how it can be used to shape what choices you make next, and to build a marketing strategy and long-term plan which will guide you to a bigger, more engaged audience of the right people, who will invest in your business and enable you to grow. If you’re a small or medium business, setting aside that time to learn and action those steps may simply be more than you have the capacity for – or perhaps you just want to keep focusing on what you do best, and leave all of this to experts who can deliver on that growth whilst you work.

We get it; it’s daunting trying to learn how to be a Jack of all trades – and attempting to do everything yourself may just mean that you aren’t doing what you do best. By delegating, and outsourcing your marketing and the analysis of the wealth of data to us – experts in this precise area – you’ll get all of the benefits with none of the downsides, and the additional business we bring you will more than cover the cost of your investment. Give us a call – let’s discuss what you need, where you’re at, and we can build you a suitable package, tailored to your precise needs, and help you to grow your business without ever needing to stop what you love doing.