Why you should boost posts on your Facebook page

It goes without saying that Facebook, and social media platforms in general, play a huge role in marketing today. And an absolutely vital part of utilising Facebook to its fullest is Facebook ads.

But we’re here to tell you why using Facebook ads can really help give your page a big boost in the long and short term.

I’m sure you’ve seen the prompts from Facebook to “boost” a post on your page that might be doing well on either reach or engagement.

But what does boosting a Facebook post actually do for you?

Increases reach

Reach is the backbone of any Facebook post, as it is literally the amount of people that see your post. The higher your reach, the higher chance there is for someone to engage your post. Boosting your post means that it will reach more people than your usual organic reach, even within the people who have liked your page.

This has pretty huge potential, as not only will it mean more likes, shares and comments on that post, the new people who see your post may decide to like your page and stick around to view your non boosted content.

Targeted audience

Ordinarily, when you make a post on your page, only people who have liked your page will see the post. However, a Facebook boosted post allows you to target a specific audience. This means that people outside of your fans will see the post, and also more of the fans you already have will see it as well – if you choose.

But the real power here is being able to target your post as specifically as you wish. Only want this post to go to women aged 25-35 with a love for Disney? You can do just that, meaning that if your post is intended for a certain demographic you can really push your post towards them. The effect this could have on engagement speaks for itself.


Once your boosted post has used all its budget, Facebook Insights gives you access to some nice nitty -gritty information. You can see how much reach it had, the clicks, comments, shares and reactions. In short, you can really see where your money went and know how to utilise your ads budget in the future.

Full control of budget spend

Facebook allows you some nice control of exactly how your budget is spent. Instead of PPC or other ad methods which charge you per click or page view, you can set the budget per day. Say, for example, that you want to spend a total of £25 and you want to run your ad for two weeks, that means you can set the budget per day of £1.78 and it won’t go over that cost.

These are just a few of the benefits of running a Facebook boosted ad campaign, but even with this brief look at what spending a little cash on your business page can do for you, you can see the power of a paid post.

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