Why you should use PPC in 2019

The tools a digital marketer can use are ever expanding, but just because new and shiny tools are available, doesn’t mean that the old ones should be neglected.

One of the mainstays of any marketing strategy, is of course, Pay Per Click. But you might be wondering, should I even use it in 2019?

Here’s four things to consider when you’re deciding if you want to make room in your budget for PPC.


Organic SEO, while crucial to the success of any website or social media page, can take a long time to build up especially when you’re just starting out.

PPC, on the other hand, doesn’t take long to achieve page one position one results. PPC enables you to bid on certain keywords, so you can appear at the top of Google search rankings.

If you’re pressed for time or manpower, PPC can be a great way to start building that SEO foundation.


One of the most important factors of creating content and marketing it is to know your target audience. You can make use of Google analytics to see the demographics of people that view your content and use that information to target your ads or keywords toward them.

With PPC targeting you can not only target demographics, but also keywords themselves. Proper targeting can massively increase conversion rate and that all-important ROI.


PPC is an incredibly versatile tool, and one of it’s best plus points is that it is extremely measurable. You can track the results of each Pay Per Click campaign to see, in detail, exactly what’s working and what isn’t. This, again, helps you increase your return on investment as you can learn from each campaign and fine tune your future efforts.

This, alongside the data provided by Google Analytics, can give you a complete and detailed picture of the journey the consumer is taking once they visit your website.


When you’re operating with a limited marketing budget, this control is absolutely crucial. You have the capability to set your budgets on a per-day basis, so you cannot overspend. This is useful in another way, as well.

If you’re still testing the waters of your targeting or demographics, for instance, this can allow you to try things out on a smaller budget at first to see what works before allocating more resources.

It’s a common strategy for businesses to keep the budget small until they see success in their PPC campaign and increase it accordingly.

However, even if the budget for your campaign remains small, it can still reap numerous rewards. Want more insights into digital marketing and social media? Follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.